1. Fill out the document

Download our excel sheet here and enter the information about your used IT.

2. Send us your file

You can send the filled out excel sheet to anfrage@remarketing.company

3. Receive purchase offer

Immediately you will receive our offer for the acquisition of your used hardware.

After confirming our offer

Directly after your decision to work with us, we will do our best to start the remarketing process and find a new owner and sell your used hardware.

4. Used IT rollback

Our international network of logistics allows us to get to the right place just in time.

5. Data erasure

Our professional erasure software Blancco will delete all the data completely.

6. Final reporting

This report assures transparency when we sell your used hardware.

The customer comes first - everytime

No matter if you are an SME, a bank or an industrial company, our aim is to always consider your individual needs. Our experiencse showed us that when selling used IT, each customer and each product has different requirements.

No matter which siutation we are facing, we sell your used hardware while continuously aiming for a high quality process.






Hard Drives

Sell your used hardware and be compliant with the Waste Management Act

This Act shall support the protection of our natural ressources, as everything is part of our recycling economy. It basically aims to protect humanity and environment against Waste. When our customers decide to sell their used hardware, our role is to help them by bringing the old equipment back to the market. And this avoids the creation of extra waste.

§ The KrWG §