The RC GmbH not only pursues the goal of bringing as much IT hardware back to the market as possible, so that we can actively preserve resources through a longer service life the devices we use. We also pay attention to the environment in our internal processes, which is why we have entered various partnerships.

In Germany around 1.44 million hectares of forest are FSC® certified and around 3,750 companies have their product chain certified according to the FSC standards (as of May 2020). In German forests the FSC is among other factors for a forest management that does not overexploit the forest, promotes biological diversity and acts transparently towards interested citizens and organizations. Clear felling during regular timber harvest is prohibited and pesticides may only be used if required by law. The FSC is committed to increasing natural mixed forests, protecting the forest ground and protecting rare species and ecosystems. This means that FSC-certified forests are more stable in a changing climate and can bind as an ecosystem more CO² in the long term. For the people in the forest, FSC ensures fair remuneration and more citizen participation in the forest. The RC GmbH therefore only purchases needed materials with the FSC seal.

Nature Office plans and implements climate protection solutions for companies, the environment and local people.
The compensation of CO2 emissions offers a comfortable introduction to climate protection. By offsetting your CO2 balance, you can achieve with little effort a significant effect in climate protection. Investing in targeted climate protection projects is crucial for such success. The reduction follows. after the compensation. We will show you measures for future reductions or in the best case measures for avoiding CO2 emissions.

Since 1984, under the abbreviation B.A.U.M. The Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management e.V. has connected with one another successful and future-oriented economic, ecological and social issues, i.e. the principles of sustainability. Today B.A.U.M. represents with well over 500 members a strong corporate network for sustainable business. In addition to many well-known companies also associations and institutions are sponsors.