The German Data Protection Act contains certain regulations regarding the data erasure on used IT equipment. We do know these rules quite well and have access to the means and methods for assuring a compliance. Collective or single certificates for the data erasure, as well as other methods, assure that your organization is on the right side regarding data protection.

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Data erasure is expensive,but not for you...

When selling your used IT equipment, you are able to compensate the costs for data erasure with the price you receive for your old hardware. Feel free to ask us for a free quote.

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Certified data erasure of corporate mobile devices

No matter if you own an Android, iOS or Windows phone, simply setting these devices back to factory setting does not represent a full data erasure. In this case, the original data can easily be restored. Just a data erasure which applies a specialized software will be able to fully eliminate all your company information.

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