Each journey starts with logistics

Thinking about our customers, we especially value a save transport! We take care that your old hardware will not get damaged. Therefore, our professional rollback team thinks always about the following procedures of refurbishing and the following reuse of each product.

Rollback with professionals

Our logistical process is covered by up to 1500 specialists and service technicians from TOSHIBA.

Careful handling

Your used IT is carefully packed in lattice boxes, on pallets or in special containers.

Secure transport

Depending on the requirements we will use standard or security vehicles for transportation.

Security can be guaranteed through data erasure

Our professional and efficient process of data erasure allows us to state, that no currently available technology is able to restore or reconstruct the data we erase.

Secure Data Erasure with blancco

For a secure data erasure of computing systems, laptops, servers and other storage devices, we apply the worldwide leading erasure software blancco.

Your Erasure Report as a proof

Our Erasure Report assures your compliance with company internal requirements, official rules and the law. Furthremore, it provides external and internal auditors with transparancy. No matter if there is a comprehensive check of your compliance with security norms and standards in IT, you are prepared.

Be 100% secure by shredding your hard drives

Our high performance data shredder enables us to destroy various kinds of storage devices. No matter if you are looking for the destruction of hard drives, magnetic tapes, CDs, discs or USBs. With our potential we are able to destroy for eaxample up to 360 hard drives per hour.

Transparancy in price and performance

Every time we communicate with our customers we emphasize on transparency. Please feel free to have a look in our service description below and find out for how you could sell your used IT. Anyhow, detailed questions are always welcome.